MTG Ikoria Products!

Ikoria is coming this week! Releases this Friday!!

Let us know if you need anything!!!

Prerelease Pack $39.99

Booster Box $149.99
Booster Packs $4.99
Collectors Booster box $349.99
Collectors Booster Packs $29.99
Theme Booster Packs $9.99
Bundle $54.99

Commander Decks $59.99
-only have Arcane Maelstrom, Ruthless Regiment and Symbiotic Swarm left

Japanese products (Arriving following week)
Booster box $149.99
Booster Packs $5.99
Collectors Box $399.99 (very limited)

We are open for pick up so call or email to book a time slot! Times available early afternoon and some evenings. Always available Saturdays 12-5pm.