New comic book day May28


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New comic book day

New comis release this Wednesday and here’s our rundown by Neil!

Neil’s Pick Amazing Spider-Man #800: You can’t deny 800 issues. With Superman recently celebrating his 1000th issue of Action Comics, to see Amazing at 800 is pretty impressive. Throw in the timing of Dan Slott ending his run, and the debut of the Red Goblin, and you’ve got yourself a pretty hot little book…and one potentially crazy finale. Of course there are a few different variant covers on offer…but they’ll go…well, they may already be gone as I type this…but nevertheless, if you’re a Spidey guy, this probably is a must-own issue.

Justice League No Justice #4 hits the shelves running…literally…with The Flash leading the charge for this final issue of this great mini-series. Doomsday Clock #5 is the long awaited continuation of this Universe altering line. If you’re a DC fan, you probably should be reading this series as it will define the Universe (as well as Snyder’s stuff) for the foreseeable future. Kill or Be Killed #19 and Lazarus #28 are two very popular and extremely well written Image Comics series. Finally, Brian Michael Bendis continues his roll out of his Superman books with the start of his 6 issue Man of Steel mini-series. Lots of DC annuals out this week too!