New comics this week May22


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New comics this week

Black Panther #1 sees our hero going cosmic, as T’Challa discovers that Wakanda stretches just a little farther than the African continent. With the character hotter than ever, and fan favourite writer Ta-Nehisi Coates continuing his run, I’m really curious to see where this goes. Incredible Hulk #717 brings this World War Hulk II storyline, as well as this run to a close. Underappreciated book, but its sold consistently well so I’m sure there are a number of people who want to check this out. Hunt for Wolverine Mystery in Mandripoor #1 sees an all-female led team on the hunt after a possible Wolverine…or ‘Patch’ sighting. Domino, Kitty Pride, Storm, Psylocke…solid line up for the 4th Hunt for Wolverine tie-in. DC kicks off the hotly anticipated Flash War in Flash #47. For fans of this book, it’s all been building to this. And finally, the final issue of James Tynion IV’s very solid run on Detective Comics.

Neil’s Pick Justice League No Justice #3: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The first two issue have been really, really good…so I see no reason why the penultimate issue in this 4-Part mini-event won’t be really, really good too. I’m already 100% on board for whatever Scott Snyder has cooked up for his Justice League re-launch. If you’re a lapsed fan, or even a slightly event-shy collector…give this one a shot…I doubt you’ll regret it.