New Comics this Wednesday May15


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New Comics this Wednesday

Batman #47 continues the Batman/Booster Gold/Catwoman wedding gift gone wrong storyline from Tom King that will lead to the hotly anticipated wedding issue. Avengers #2 picks up from a very solid issue #1 as Jason Aaron guides Marvel’s Big Team. Mighty Thor: Gates of Valhala is a sort of ‘wrap up’ issue for Jane’s run as Thor…as Jason Aaron (yeah, him again) gets set for the new Thor series arriving soon! Dead Hand #2 continues this very intriguing new spy-themed Image series. Kick Ass #4 is the next installment of Mark Millar’s iconic anti-hero, while The Wild Storm #13 kicks off the third arc on this awesome Warren Ellis/Jon Davis-Hunt series. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend the Vol 1 TP, with Vol 2 arriving next week!

Neil’s Pick Justice League No Justice #2: Among the treasure trove of great books last week, I neglected to mention Scott Snyder’s next DC mini-event No Justice was kicking off with issue #1. Well, No Justice is off to a fantastic start (if I do say so myself) and even better…we only had to wait a week to get the second issue of this short-and-sweet 4 issue event. If I’ve learned anything about Snyder, is that he plans, outlines and executes his ‘events’ with the kind of precision and ‘bang for your buck’ that other events (and companies) could learn from. If you were at all skeptical about where Snyder was taking the Justice League…and why you were seeing who you were seeing on the covers (Sinestro? Lobo? Beast Boy??) then issue #1 (and probably #2) will go a long way to getting you on board in a hurry. Don’t sleep on this one folks…