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New comics!

On sale this Wednesday!!

Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost #1 is Daredevil putting together an elite team to find Wolverine. Sold. In Batman #46 Tom King continues his Eisner Nominated run with part 2 of this Booster Gold centered storyline where the hapless hero has caused some series strife on the eve of Batman and Catwoman’s wedding. Captain America #701 is the next arc of Mark Waid’s great Cap run, with artist Leonardo Romero giving the book a new look. Call me skeptical, but Marvel reboots and ‘restarts’ have become an unfortunate and almost tired norm lately, but with Jason Aaron at the helm, and Ed McGuinness on art duties, you’ve got to at least give Avengers #1 a look if you’re a comic book fan. Venomized #5 is the conclusion of this latest Venom mini-event. And finally, a shout out to my favourite writer and my favourite book East of West, Jonathan Hickman, for not only getting a credit on the Hollywood Megabuster Avengers Infinity War…but writing the pilot for the potential Amazon East of West TV series. It’s been one of, if not my favourite book for over 4+ years now…and it’s nearing the end.

Neil’s Pick Death or Glory #1: It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a book from announcement to launch. Rick Remender always delivers when it comes to story, character and giving his books a beating heart…and throw in the incredible looking art from Bengal, and this should be on everyone’s pull list. Outlaw gangs, bank robberies, blood debts…or and some cool cars to boot. Give it a 4 issues commitment (May-Aug) starting with this 40 page debut issue, and if you’re not hooked, well…