New comics this week! Apr24


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New comics this week!

Hunt for Wolverine #1 is the beginning of the return of one of Marvel’s, and comics, most popular characters. He’s been gone for a while, so this should be interesting. The Terrifics #3 continues this hot new DC title by star writer Jeff Lemire. Kill or Be Killed #18 continues the fantastic crime thriller by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips. One of the darkest, and most intelligent books on the shelf, Brubaker always packs his issues with extra/bonus material that deals with the subject matter of the book/series. Exiles #2 is the follow-up to the new Marvel series, while Hit-Girl #3 continues Mark Millar’s latest nutso book. Finally, the great Flash storyline ‘Perfect Storm’ continues with issue #45

Neil’s Pick Mighty Thor #706: After what was a pretty spectacular issue, we’ll see how Jason Aaron and team deal with the aftermath of one of the more talked about runs over the past couple of years in this issue…as he gets set to start a new journey with Thor and artist Mike Del Mundo. On sale tomorrow! #mightythor