New Comics this week

Batman #45 gives us Part 1 of a pretty cool time travel team-up story of Batman and Catwoman teaming up with Booster Gold to save the present? Mister Miracle #8 has our hero balancing a war abroad and a new baby at home in the critically acclaimed series. Infinity Countdown #2 and Venomized #3 are the latest in these two Marvel event series. Incredible Hulk #715 is the 2nd part of the World War Hulk II story arc and continues Greg Pak’s great run with Amadeus. Amazing Spider-Man #799 continues the ‘Go Down Swinging’ arc as Spider-Man battles the new threat of the Red Goblin. Lazarus #27 returns after a long layoff to set up the next arc in this fantastic Image series. If you haven’t read it, Heroes World carries the TP collection of this series for sale. SuperSons #15 is more Superboy/Damien goodness while Brave and the Bold #3 gives us artist Liam Sharp on art and writing duties on this beautiful book.

Neil’s Pick Action Comics #1000: There are landmark issues, and then there are landmark issues. Superman flies into his 1000th issue of Action Comics, led by an all star team of creators telling multiple stories that shine a light on what makes Superman such an icon …including the first Superman story from new DC writer Brian Michael Bendis.