New Comics this week!! Apr03


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New Comics this week!!

Neil’s Pick Deathstroke #30: It’s Deathstroke vs. Batman Part 1. When Batman finds out that he might not be Damian’s father…and that Deathstroke might be, things get…complicated. Writer Christopher Priest continues his acclaimed Deathstroke run. Should be great!

Isola #1 hits the shelves this week. Hotly anticipated fantasy book from Image Comics and the creators of Batgirl, Motor Crush and Gotham Academy. Art is out of this world. Batman White Knight #7 is the penultimate issue of this ‘alternate’ take on Batman and The Joker. Amazing Spider-Man #798 continues to ride the wave of Red Goblin fever. Venomized #1 is the latest Venom event which continues the Venomverse storyline. Superman #44 is the latest in the ‘Boyzarro Re-Death’ storyline. Great cover this week! And finally, the quiet hit Runaways #8 starts a new story arc, so a great jumping on point if you’ve heard the hype but haven’t checked it out yet!