New Comic Book Day! Mar21


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New Comic Book Day!

Batman #43 is part 3 of the Batman/Catwoman/Ivy arc. Great stuff so far. Kick Ass #2 is out. Damage #3 continues this new characters better-than-it-has-a-right-to-be book. It’s actually pretty cool…I’ve been impressed with both Damage and Silencer so far. Ninja K #5 gives us more of Valiant’s kick ass British Spy Ninja. Kill or Be Killed #17 gets us closer to finding out just how crazy Dylan really is. Amazing Spider-Man #796 rides the wave of Red Goblin fever…and Monstress #15 graces us with beautiful images of a fantasy world shrouded in a cold, sinister darkness. Great week of books!

Neil’s Pick(s) The Mighty Thor #705/The Incredible Hulk #714: Big week for Marvel, as one book wraps up a critically acclaimed, and much debated run, and another looks set to set off another World War! Is this the issue Jane finally pays the ultimate price for her worthiness? And will Amadeus Cho be able to control the beast within…or are his days in the Marvel U numbered?

*Note Jason Aaron will continue his run on Thor (with artist Mike Del Mundo) with the new Mighty Thor #1 that’s coming soon…