New comics this week Mar06


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New comics this week

Oblivion Song #1 is the latest Robert Kirkman goodness. Post Apocalyptic setting…gives off an BPRD type vibe, with some colourful art. Captain America #699 continues to lead into the Cap #700…cover says it all! Justice League #40 is part 2 of Christopher Priest’s ‘Justice Lost’ storyline. His run has been very solid. East of West #36 brings us more of Death and his son and their journey to the end of the world…and the end of this series. Infinity Countdown #1 is your typical Marvel Event launch book. It’s all over the place, and Groot can talk now apparently. Yeah. Finally X-Men Red #2 which will hopefully show us where this particular X-Men team is going…and how it’ll be different from the Blue and Gold teams. Lots of good stuff this week!

Neil’s Pick Batman #42: Tom King continues his great Batman run with the 2nd part of Ivy taking over the world…and turning the JL against Batman and Catwoman. Nice, classic type Batman story that utilizes the Ivy/Catwoman ‘friendship’ well…and leaves us with another interesting cliffhanger.